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Constantly Moving Happiness Machines is an exciting new international collaboration featuring fresh and wonky grooves, long form compositions, and exploratory free improvisations. The musical relationship of German- Canadian saxophonist Jonathan Lindhorst, Welsh bassist Huw V. Williams, and Austrian drummer Max Santner dates back to their early meeting at the JIMS workshop in Salzburg back in 2008. Since then, the three have kept up a musical dialogue over the past decade, which has developed even further with the inclusion of British pianist Mark Pringle to form “Constantly Moving Happiness Machines”, an exploratory quartet searching for musical progress.

Jonathan Lindhorst - tenor sax
Mark Pringle - piano

Huw V. Williams - bass
Max Santner - drums

Venito's Bell and Phone (H. Williams)

 Video: Side-Ways Series

Constantly Moving Happiness Machines (J. Lindhorst) 

 Video: Side-Ways Series