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Photo: Cristina Marx

Don’t believe everything you hear. Fake Noise is full of alternative notes.

The band tells a story through their music, screaming and wailing, dragging the audience in, swallowing them whole, and then spitting them out. Was any of it true? Maybe, but does it matter?  

Fake Noise is a Berlin based quartet that sounds like a punk metal band lost in a jazz school. Growing up together in a small transatlantic village mostly populated by moose, bears, and feral saxophones, the band members have had almost 100 years cumulatively to develop their reality-bending sounds, providing light in the darkest timeline.

Standing out front and actively melting the audiences faces with fire and fury are Canadian/Belgian alto saxophonist Peter Van Huffel (Gorilla Mask, Scrambling EX, Kronix) and Canadian/German tenor saxophonist Jonathan Lindhorst (Limerence Quartet, Turtleboy, Innocent When you Dream).  Shaking the foundations of time and space itself is the ground-breaking hard-hitting duo of Norwegian electric bassist Dan Peter Sundland (Orter Eparg, RRR, Home Stretch) and German drummer Oliver Steidle (Der Rote Bereich, Killing Popes, Oliwood). By combining their powers, Fake Noise flings the audience into an enormous washing machine of justice and music.


Peter van Huffel - alto sax

Jonathan Lindhorst - tenor sax
Dan Peter Sundland - e bass
Oliver Steidle - drums


Unironic Moustache

 Video: Liz Kosack, Audio: Dan Peter Sundland


 Video: Liz Kosack, Audio: Dan Peter Sundland

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