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At the same time original, dynamic, soothing and tinged with cheerfulness, the modern jazz of Jonathan Lindhorst takes you on an attractive and even touching journey. Well done !

 Pierre Dulieu, Dragonjazz

Consisting of some of Canada's most talented musicians, The Limerence Quartet, lead by saxophonist Jonathan Lindhorst, offers a poignant and lyrical experience. Drawing upon a multitude of genres, including jazz, rock, folk, and free improvisation, Lindhorst's original music lives between many worlds. Also consisting of Don Scott on guitar, Dan Fortin on bass, and Nico Dann on drums, the strength of the band comes from the long-standing relationships the musicians all share, creating a level of trust, comfort, and humour on stage that engages the audience and draws them into the music.

Jonathan Lindhorst - sax, compositions
Don Scott - guitar
Dan Fortin - bass
Nico Dann - drums



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