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„Hover Trout is a Berlin-based trio mining the saxophone-bassdrums seam of classic jazz, shot through with veins of indie rock and Americana.”

Cormac Larkin, The Irish Times


Hover Trout is a collaborative Berlin-based trio comprised of Canadian saxophonist Jonathan Lindhorst, his fellow countryman Sly Juhas on drums, and American bassist Matt Adomeit.  As a band, they are firm believers in walking the line between familiarity and strangeness. Their use of recognizable elements manifests itself in melodic and groovy music which harkens back to bygone eras; from the jazz of the ‘20s to the singer-songwriters and indie rock of the 90’s.


It is Hover Trout’s desire to constantly explore the uncharted boundaries of music through creative improvisation primarily using quirky original compositions with a sense of abandon that gives their music its true emotional poignancy. 

Jonathan Lindhorst - tenor sax
Matt Adomeit - bass
Sly Juhas - drums

Bill the Pony (M. Adomeit)

 Video: Greve Studio

Bye Bye Blackbird (R. Henderson)

 Video: Side-Ways Series

Dance Faster, Dance Better (J. Lindhorst)

 Video: Mari Poller

Between the bars (E. Smith)

 Video: Peppi Guggenheim

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